Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah favors

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Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah favorsAli and Melissa were not only sisters but more like BFFs. They were born just 2 years apart. When Ali got engaged, Melissa followed a few months later. Their parents nearly went broke planning two big weddings in one year, and no one was surprised when the sisters were expecting around the same time. Melissa had a boy and just a few weeks later Ali had a girl.

For 13 years they had fun dreaming about their children's bar and bat mitzvot, knowing they'd be around the same time. No one remembers who discovered first, but both sisters were able to check off many items on their to-do lists for the big events–starting with invitations.

Melissa's son, Marc, lived and breathed basketball, so it wasn't difficult to come up with a theme for his bar mitzvah. For invitations, Melissa wanted something besides the usual paper-and-envelope. Her solution? Giant Snip-Snap tins with the invitation printed right on them. She uploaded a photo of Marc and scrolled through the clip art on the site and found a basketball. She used her cursor to move everything around on the lid leaving enough room to type "Marc's bar mitzvah will be a ball!" with the date, time, and location. She filled her customized invitation tins with Jelly Belly beans in Marc's team colors. Her order arrived about a week later and she mailed the beautiful personalized tins and reply cards to her guest list. It wasn't long before the RSVPs started rolling in. Who didn't want to come to an event with such an enticing invitation?

Ali's daughter, Arielle, had dreamed of going to Japan since she was little. (And she had no idea her bat mitzvah present from her parents was a trip to Tokyo the following summer.). On Arielle's big day, giant cut-outs of Mt. Fuji and other landmarks decorated the hotel ballroom, and delicate Japanese kites swung from the ceilings. A sushi chef kept all the guests happy (even the ones who said they hated sushi). Guests loved the bat mitzvah party favors that Ali customized on Fly-A-Kites in their own tiny containers. Ali didn't consider herself particularly internet savvy, but she easily uploaded a photo of Arielle onto the lid of each container. On the day of the bat mitzvah, it wasn't long before dozens of kids were outside flying their kites–while dozens of adults snapped their pictures. Who could have arranged such a photo op?

A few days after the event, both sisters were already nudging their children to send out thank-you notes to all the guests. Arielle loved the Rock, a diamond-shaped cut crystal that they could custom-engrave with their own special words. She and her mom came up with the perfect text: Arielle's latest haiku, which they uploaded right onto the crystal ready to be engraved. Marc was already starting the countdown to the day he could drive, so he chose the Key Chain. He and Melissa added the perfect "thank you" text, a photo of Marc on his big day; there was even room for a little basketball in the corner.

The guests loved their bar and bat mitzvot thank-you gifts: sweet memories of two very special events.