Unique Baby Shower Favors and Gifts

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Customized Baby Shower Favors"Ooooh, how cute is that?" Shannon had been to enough baby showers in her time to know that the cuteness level at these events has to be sky-high. All those adorable girlie-girl frocks. All those little-boy onesies covered in trucks and trains. All those friends-of-the-new-mom cooing over every baby gift. Oooh….ahhhh….ohhhhh!

Shannon wanted the baby shower she was giving Annie to be the best one in the history of babydom. After all, her best friend had waited years for a little girl. Where could Shannon find party favors that were super-high on the cute-o-meter–but customize them the way she wanted?

MyJellyBelly to the rescue. In less than an hour, Shannon created her very own personalized baby shower favors. First, she chose containers–the Peek-a-boo Tin. Then she picked candy to fill them with: Jelly Belly beans in two shades of pink (Cotton Candy and Strawberry Jam). Next she had fun designing the cover of her tins; she scrolled through dozens of sweet backgrounds and textures on the MyJellyBelly site and chose a frilly pink one. She emailed Annie's mom for a photo of Annie as a baby, and uploaded it onto the cover of the tins. Finally she typed in her text to top it all off: "Annie's having a baby!" There was even room to add the date of the baby shower.

It was so easy to do because everything was right in front of her on her computer screen. Shannon could actually see how it all looked and try out different combinations til she found the one she liked best. A few more clicks and her customized baby shower favors were ordered.

Shannon sighed with relief. Not only were they cute-cute-cute, but her one-of-a-kind party gifts would be on the way to her the very next business day.

The only thing left on her to-do list was finding her grandmother's recipe for that pink punch that everyone loves. (Sorry, MyJellyBelly can't help with that. Yet.)